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Each month we will be looking up to the moon and seeing how our current experiences stand in its wake.

February’s full moon is dubbed the snow moon and this month did not disappoint with Scotland being covered in a blanket of snow.

One of the benefits of waiting for a brew kit is that we were able to take in some pretty impressive snow views on our daily walks.

Winter wonderland or absolute pain, you decide but as it has melted and Spring flowers have started cropping up it’s time for us to leave our hibernation (lockdown allowing) and enjoy the start of Spring, the season of change.

The snow moon for farmers typically tells of the month of the year the most snow falls and how food and resources can be scarce, coming to the end of that month they are looking ahead to the wealth that Spring will bring.

Moonwake Beer Snow Moon

We are hoping the season of change will bring a change to the UK’s blocked ports and allow our brew kit to be loaded into containers and make its long voyage to Leith Shore.

Luckily, the snow did not impede any of the brew kit preparation we had on. We had a visit from SSV Limited to help prep the space, we got our gas supply primed and ready and, as dull as this may sound, we got some impressive overhead lighting installed which should make our stainless-steel gleam.

Visualise it, sitting in our mezzanine taproom with a cold pint, overlooking our 35hl three-vessel brew kit where the magic happens.

Why do moons have names? “The early Native Americans didn’t record time using months of the Julian or Gregorian calendar. Instead, tribes gave each full moon a nickname to keep track of the seasons and lunar months.” – The Telegraph

The Snow Moon will grace our skies on Friday 27th February.

Lunar Cycle


Farmers grow crops, including hops and barley, by cycles of the moon, the tides are in harmony with the moon and these ingredients make our beer and our beer reflects their qualities.

Moonwake means “the moon’s reflection on a body of water”. This speaks to the brewery’s location on The Shore in Leith, Edinburgh, the importance of water as a brewing ingredient, and our beer’s reflection of our collective experience.