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Leith Depot is a considerable part of the local community, and we are proud to be joining forces for their expansion.

At the start of 2023, we found it exciting to start working together with Leith Depot on expanding their pub and venue. The expansion means they are now dedicating an entire space to be a music and events venue. They are hosting lots of live music, comedy and a weekly pub quiz on Tuesday.

Leith Depot has been established now for just over 7 years, they are finding it very exciting to have their new venue opening. They are a grassroots music venue who are welcoming a lot of local bands as well as touring bands coming to play.

Pete, one of the owners of Leith Depot spoke to our director, Fin, and we were keen to come on board. We are helping them expand the cellar, and put new beer lines in so they can get more local beers on the bar.

Thankfully, moving the cellar next door has allowed them to expand their kitchen which is almost twice the size, so the chefs are delighted.

It has taken a lot of hard work but the space is now ready and waiting for you. See what’s on.

We are pleased that Leith Depot has its fully accessible music venue space as Leith doesn’t have enough of those. There’s lots of good music happening around here so getting more people in to enjoy good music and good Leith beer is incredibly special.

We really hope you go and check it out, try a pint of Moonwake or other great Leith breweries. During these hard times for venues after the pandemic, it means a lot if you can support your local.

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