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We chatted to the Hop Forward Podcast about Moonwake’s origin story

Already a year in the making, Moonwake Beer Co based in Leith, Edinburgh, spent January 2021 lockdown awaiting delivery of their 35hl three-vessel brew kit that has been delayed due to a backlog of containers at the Port of Felixstowe due to issues stemming from Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Demolition in their Tower Street unit commenced in January 2020 with work being halted due to the March lockdown, however, the founders did not let this stop them and instead took on a lot of the demolition and painting of their mural themselves.

Having finally just taken shipment of their brewhouse, it won’t be long before Moonwake Beer Co start brewing with mindful intent using modern their kit and quality ingredients, reflecting a rich brewing history and over a decade of collective experience.

In this discussion, we join Finlay Heslop and Vinny Rosario from the brewery to talk about the origins of the brewery, why they changed their name after setting the business up, how they’ve coped with the various challenges, and what they’re hoping to achieve in the coming months ahead.

Listen to the podcast here
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