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Our director Fin has a penchant for dark beers, all year round, no matter the weather. So convincing his partner – who wasn’t really a beer fan of any hue – to join the dark side was a challenge he was keen to accept.

Fortunately, Fin is a great advocate for his craft (or is at least very persistent) and finally won her round during a summer beer festival in Leuven. Neither can quite remember the many Belgian stouts they drank but, to hear him tell the story now, the experience was life-changing (for her) and a mighty victory (for him).

Experiences such as this are why we believe there is a beer for everyone to enjoy. We believe the beer suits the experience and the occasion; it is not limited by the season.

Moonwake Beer Edinburgh Leith Craft Brewery Stout

Scottish weather is also renowned for not sticking to the rules of the season, so why should we all be limited to sinking pints of juicy NEIPA, sours and radlers? While the Scottish summer this year is suitably dreich and pouring with rain – arguably perfect stout weather – our Milk Stout is also perfectly sessionable under the summer’s sun.

At 4.5% alcohol, our velvety smooth, full-bodied stout carries its weight without being heavy on the senses or the sensibilities.

Milk Stout - Moonwake Beer - Craft Beer Brewery Leith Edinburgh

Our head brewer, Vinny wanted to brew a stout without too many adjuncts, veering away from the trend for cloying pastry stouts. However, he still wanted it sweet and moreish with a smooth finish. He achieved this by using lactose to balance any roasted barley astringency.

It also suits those like our Sales Manager, Wes who wears all black and likes to avoid the searing beams of the cruel, Scottish sun while sipping a stout on the sofa instead.

Moonwake Beer Edinburgh Leith Craft Brewery-3

So, while we all love the sight of a frosty golden pint, scintillating in the summer sun, remember great beer is all about balance, and that a great stout is not just for Christmas. With an artful lightness of touch and a palate-teasing marriage of sweet, smooth and bitter, our Milk Stout really is a beer for every occasion, and a noble addition to our core range.

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