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We journeyed down to London to brew a collab with Big Smoke Brew Co! Together we made a special little number that we were all excited about, Lagerita.

A Lagerita is simply a beer version of a margarita cocktail, without the tequila. Big Smoke shared some new brewing techniques with us to give this Lager classic margarita character.

We aimed to bring the orange and lime flavours that you would get in the cocktail, making it a slightly sour yet sweet experience. It would be missing the savoury notes from the Tequila itself so we aimed to recreate that by using some nice malts, adding a bit more depth to the beer.

Our head brewers may not remember how they met (they think it was in the pub!) but they have known each other for seven years and we’re really excited to brew together.

It’s great to have collaboration brew days because it’s the ideal way to knock ideas back and forth and pick each other’s brains. It can expose you to new ideas and different ways of thinking about brewing beer.



Combining the twin pillars of summer sipping, this is our take on the classic summer cocktail. It does exactly what it says on the tin, bold lime and bright citrus, blended with a slightly sweeter American-style lager.

440ml can | 5.5% ABV | Contains gluten

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