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We unleashed our inner Michelangelo during the March to June lockdown to create our brewery mural, though some doubted our painting skills.

Our graphic designer, Greig Pirrie, designed us a fantastic template and it was up to us to make it happen. Even though a few people doubted our painting skills. Shout outs to David Heslop who helped us transfer the template to the wall, and to Connie Skinner whose freehand skills made the circle edges crisp.

Moonwake Beer Story

It was a therapeutic and time-consuming task, perfect for the long hours of lockdown and saving us from cabin fever.

We had all the paints specially made up for this project, no off the shelf paint for Moonwake, it had to be original.

Now before we bore you discussing paint and how it dries, here is a slideshow of how it all went down, or up as the case may be.

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