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The very first bit of advice we ever got about starting a brewery was “make sure you have a good floor.”

We’ve found this advice to be incredibly valuable throughout our careers. We have brewed on pristine floors which wouldn’t be out of place in an operating theatre.  We have also brewed on floors that are closer to a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

It really is the most undervalued piece of brewing kit, literally walked all over, and often forgotten. The quality of beer you produce is a reflection of the quality of your floor as well as your kit. So, having a top-notch floor helps you win this battle from the get-go, makeing life easier in the long run.

It is far easier to add tanks, change the layout, or even completely change the beer you are brewing than it is to upgrade the floor. We have gone for a floating floor with a food-grade anti-slip resin, which slopes to a 306 SS drain.

Since most people don’t want to read several more paragraphs about our or any other brewery floors here is a timelapse of our floor going in for your enjoyment.

For any budding brewers or brewery, designers let me pass on the first and best advice we ever received.  “Make sure you have a good floor.” It is after all the base of your brewery.

And if you do want to talk about floors, get in touch.

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