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Now we’ll admit that there are negative connotations surrounding canned beer.

Canned beer is having somewhat of a renaissance at the moment. Nevertheless, I still hear lots of doubts from customers about drinking craft beer from a can. Let me share with you all of the reasons I think you should embrace the can revolution.

Now I admit that there are many negative connotations surrounding canned beer and no matter how I hard I try I won’t be able to make some of you budge from your can aversion. Here are some of the arguments I have heard against our aluminium friends:

It’s cheap, it’s nasty, it’s low quality.
This is normally a reflection on the liquid, not the packaging. 

It’s unimpressive
Let’s be honest, it’s harder to impress all your less cool friends with cans. 

You don’t like change
• Change is scary
• If it’s not broke…
• I remember when…
• Change is scary

Now, for the more open minded of you, let me tell you why cans are the future (especially for session beers).   For those of you who already know this, read on smugly while reminding yourself why you are always correct.

There are a number advantages associated with cans. The obvious place to start is flavour. Cans block out UV light, stopping beers getting light-struck. Even the darkest amber bottle will let some UV in, destroying flavours eventually (side note: be wary of beer in a clear bottles). Cans also have a more complete seal, leaving it impervious to D.O. (dissolved oxygen). Oxygen is one of beer’s greatest enemies. If you think the metal will taint the beer remember most casks and many kegs are not made of glass. Lastly, there is a complaint that beers smell funny in a can. This is because you are smelling the aluminium not the beer. Pour it in a glass (always drink from a glass, you’re not an animal) and that smell will vanish.

Moonwake Beer

Save the world!

Next, the environment. It takes less than 10% of the energy to manufacture a can compared to a bottle. Cans are also more widely recycled and easier to recycle. They are a lot lighter and stack easily which cuts down on transport costs and emissions. Their stack-ability also means they take up less room in the beer fridge. Good for you when you are stocking up and less energy used powering fridges by bars and shops trying to hold as much beer as possible. They also cool quicker, again cutting down on refrigeration cost. So when you choose cans, you get to drink beer and help battle global warming.


Benefits for you

O.K so you have a fresh tasting beer and you are saving the planet but I know what your main concern is: how do canned beers really benefit you as an individual? After all I’m well aware that saving the planet means nought if it hasn’t made your life easier. As mentioned before, cans are lighter, which means less weight to carry on your way to the nearest common. You’ll also fit more in your ice-box (we call them chilly bins in N.Z – a more apt name don’t you think?). They won’t smash when you inevitably drop one, and you won’t have a load of bottle tops to deal with. You also never need a bottle opener, so that’s one less thing for you to carry/lose. Finally, you can’t make beer can chicken to complete the summer BBQ with a bottle can

So, have I convinced you?
Next time you are pondering which new beer to drink, don’t be afraid of the can.
You may just save the planet while enjoying a wicked beer.  Join me and loads of other brewers.  I’m proud to be producing cans and know they wouldn’t taste any better packaged any other way.  After all, as a brewer, taste is king!