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Moonwake: “the moon’s reflection on a body of water” speaks to the brewery’s Leith Shore location, the importance of water as an ingredient, and our beers’ reflection of our combined experience.

Established in 2021 by a team with extensive craft beer and brewing careers. We brew with mindful intention on modern kit using quality ingredients.

Our head brewer believes there is a beer out there for everyone and we create balanced beers for a wide range of people to enjoy.

Our story

Our founders started their beer careers on opposite sides of the world, Vinny in New Zealand and Fin in the UK. They bring over a decade of collective experience in brewing to Moonwake, founded in 2021, for both of them brewing is their creative outlet.

As our team grows we are proud to say our whole team bring a wealth of experience and mindful intent to everything they do.

Head Brewer Kit - Craft Beer Brewery Leith Edinburgh

Our vision

We believe there is a beer out there for everyone.

We want to create an open, creative space and culture where we can brew impressive beers with precision for you to enjoy regardless of background.

Brewery Updates

Meet the team

Head Brewer


He / Him

Vinny our in-house kiwi (almost every good brewery has one) is focused on sourcing the best quality ingredients for our beer. He works closely with local suppliers as well as bringing his roots to our beer using New Zealand hops.

He’s brewed in multiple different countries and says the best way to check out a city is through its beer community.

He believes there is a beer for everyone and every occasion.



He / Him

Fin, with an art background but the black sheep within it found brewing to be a creative outlet he thrived in.

He’s focused on creating something he and the Moonwake team can all be proud of. The outgoing type, he always has plenty to say about life, the universe and everything. His social skills were honed by front of house experience with a major pub chain before seeing sense and returning to the world of brewing.

Hard work and dedication to the cause are his core principles.

Marketing & Events Manager


She / Her

Sarah made the leap up to Edinburgh from the London beer scene after spending the last few years as a freelance marketer for some of your favourite indie pubs and breweries.

She first discovered beer was more than “just lager” while pulling pints alongside her journalism studies. Her palate has now worked its way back around to where all she wants is top-notch lager and saisons.

You’ll find her chatting up a storm on our social media channels and in-real-life at beer festivals.

Brewery Assistant


She / Her

Connie is not only dog mum to brewery dog Pedro, she gets your webshop orders out, keeps things spick and span and helps the brew team with packaging.

Connies loves her dark beers and was counting down to when we had more than just one on tap!



He / Him

Scott snagged the first gig going in the brewery after deciding to switch production from managing Edinburgh's poutine staple, Down The Hatch.

He has hit the ground running brewing and packaging your favourite Moonwake beers and is incredibly excited to keep the momentum going, learning more each day.

Content Creator


He / Him

David joined our taproom team over a year ago and now he has become our content creator. You will be sure to see him around the brewery and some of our favourite pubs and bars wielding his trusty camera.
Moonwake Sales Manager Stuart
Sales Manager


He / Him

Stuart's a dab hand at brewery sales and has joined the team with impetus to get our beer to as many of you as possible.
Assistant Brewer


They / Them

M joins us from their journeys across the globe, originally from Australia, they now reside happily in Scotland. They take their beers dark, their music loud and fast and their pronouns ambiguously.

A veteran of the hospitality industry, they have jumped from pulling flat pints in skuzzy dive bars in London to mixing bespoke beverages in award winning cocktail bars in Melbourne overlooking the ocean, and every possible venue in-between.

A firm believer that beer is for everyone; they are a strong believer in equality, acceptance and understanding in the craft beer industry and inside the hospitality industry at large.

After being our taproom manager for a year, they have now transitioned into the production team.

Moonwake Taproom Manager Hannah
Taproom Manager


She / Her

Moonwake Taproom Bar Staff Katie
Taproom Bar Staff


She / Her

Career Opportunities

There are currently no opportunities, please check back another time.